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Sunday, September 28, 2014

B J Reece Orchards

Boy was today a long day!
I am finally sitting down after a fun day at the orchards and cleaning up the house!
Man my kids are like tornadoes!
Anywho, this post is about the orchards, not my mess makers!

We drove up to Ellijay up in North Georgia.
This was our first visit, and didn't quite know what to expect.
I'd say it was a success, and the kids had a great time!

More apples!

An assortment of pickled items.


Petting a calf. So sweet!

A puppy!

Aww! Baby animals!

Got it!

The trees were so full of apples!


Zip lining above!

Juju catching a ride on daddy.

Cow train!

Choo choo!
One of the athletes.

Cute tail!

Catching a ride.

Look at those dirty feet and legs!

My piggies. :)

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