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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dollar Store Pumpkin Costume

Today Juju and I went to the Dollar Tree to look at their Halloween decor.
We got a bunch of cool ravens, skeletons, and chair covers.
While I was putting the chair covers on the kids play chairs, Juju decided to take one off and try to wear it.
A light bulb went on, and voila a costume was created.
The chair cover. 20 in. x 21 in.


I took one of Juju's shirts to use as a template for the hole placement.
 Juju's shirt is a kid's XS, so this pumpkin has room for bigger kids!
After I cut the openings, I turned the pumpkin inside out and sewed by the new opening seams. 
 I sewed the seams by the openings because the stitching was falling apart by the holes. If you don't sew you could probably glue them. I worry the pumpkin would fall apart without reinforcing the seams.
Of course by the time I had made the costume Julia would not put it on!
My awesome son modeling the pumpkin when his sister would not.

I think the great thing about this costume is the versatility! It has it's own puffiness so you don't have to worry about wearing tons of padding underneath to make it a pumpkin shape. It also has tons of room if you need to wear warmer clothes underneath if you live in a cooler region.
I also fashioned a steam headband from felt and fold over elastic I had lying around. So for a buck, not bad!


Eleanor said...

That's a pretty awesome costume for $1!

Katie said...

Thanks! :)