The Braun Life

Monday, December 2, 2013

Goodwill Goodies

I had seen somewhere that a near-by Goodwill had some really great stuff.
I don't typically shop Goodwill, but thought I would try it out.
So once I picked up the kids from preschool we headed out to the Perimeter Mall Goodwill location.
If I didn't have the kids with me, I could have been more thorough in my search.
Everyone who worked there was nice, and everything was well organized.
Here are a few of the finds.
All of the kids clothes are just under 3 bucks.
Not bad!

Janie and Jack polo for my nephew. Gap jeans, Lacoste polo, and Gap PJ's.

Crewcuts shirt, Lilly Pulitzer shirt, 2 Gymboree shirts, and a Ralph Lauren skort.
I think the kids got some good stuff. I will have to go back!


Eleanor said...

Wow! I should've gone to Goodwill instead of the mall when I was there:) I love great finds.

Katie said...

No kidding! So cheap, and good stuff!