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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY French Manicure

So, I had seen a commercial for nail pens the other day, and thought that they sounded like a great idea.
BUT I was not going to pay the ridiculous shipping and handling they tack on for no reason.
Well lucky for me I happen to see similar pens at Target.
So I picked myself up the white one to try to give myself a French manicure.

The Sally Hansen pen was priced just under $6.
Just prime the tip by pushing it in a few times to get the polish ready.

The OPI color is Bubble Bath.

Not too bad. Apply one coat of the pink. Let dry. Apply two coats of the white allowing drying time in between. Cover with clear coat.

I had the other polishes in my polish collection. So for under $6 you can DIY your own French manicure many times. I think that's pretty good. The only down side is trying to do the other hand when I am right handed. So practice will probably make perfect.

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