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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wednesday 25% Off Salvation Army Haul

So, I now have a love for the Salvation Army near me.
They have everything organized so nicely, and I always find something I love.
I never would have thought that this store would be a place I frequent, but seeing what I have found there, it seems silly to shop elsewhere.
My kids are at an age where their clothes get messed up easily, and toys don't last long with my son.
Of course, you have to do some digging, and there are some hideous things, but there are always name brand clothes and silver pieces I love. Oh, and hardcover kids books for $.75 (on Wednesdays).
Wednesdays will probably be my favorite day of the week for awhile.
It's when both of the kids are in school until 1, and Salvation Army has the whole store marked 25% off.
Baby Gap shirt for $1.50. Perfect condition.

Queen size bed skirt. Just love the floral print! $3!

5 Pottery Barn Outlet place mats for $.75!

Hanna Anderson shirt and dress for $1.50 and $2.25. Seriously cute!

Tea brand dress for $2.25.

Gap dresses for $2.25 a piece.

Gymboree sun dresses for $2.25 a piece.
Yes, Juju does not need anymore dresses, but at these prices I couldn't pass them by!
Love me some Salvation Army Wednesdays!


Eleanor said...

Okay. So the next time I see you Atlanta, you're bringing me to this Salvation Army! Awesome finds!

Katie said...

Definitely! Some awesome finds!