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Friday, September 6, 2013

Juju's "Big Girl" Room

Last weekend we put Miss Juju in a toddler bed. This was Matthew's bed, now painted white.
I figured it was a good time to move her, and she loves it.

She has room to put everything in it's place.
She also loves to jump off her stool! She is Matthew's sister you know. :)

Her organized closet. Love me some organization!
A place for her to "do" her hair.
Her dresser. I painted this white as well.
Her reading nook. She loves books, and I wanted to give her a special place to read.
A "J" monogram I made from buttons and glued directly on the glass.
Add  I found a blog that showed her use this farm style light. I loved the idea! We live in an area with lots of barns and horses. Juju loves horses! Her bathroom is still a work in progress, so this is the only picture of the bathroom.caption

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