The Braun Life

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Bike Ride

Matthew riding like the wind.
 Today we went on a little bike ride at the Greenway in Alpharetta. It didn't go quite as well as we had hoped.
The best pic of the kids I could get.

Matthew showing Juju that it isn't so bad to ride in the cart.

Juju not feeling it.

Nice view.

About two minutes into our ride we stopped, and Juju insisted on getting out.

Juju walking VERY slowly.

In the end we walked our bikes about a mile back to the car. Juju just would not sit in her seat. So this ride was a bust, but we did get to enjoy nature together.


Eleanor said...

I love your photos. It's amazing how much life changes when you have little ones. I'm sure Juju will love going on bike rides one day;)

Katie said...

Ha ha! I hope so! She is so stubborn, but she's cute. I think we'll keep her!