The Braun Life

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuquoise Chairs

Since I was a little girl, I have always rearranged things.
I would spend all night going through every nook and cranny to rid my space of items not needed.
It certainly would make me tired the next day, but I enjoyed the feeling of ridding my room of unnecessary clutter.
Today I found myself jonesing for a change.
My children's play table seemed to be the ticket.
I bought Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint.
I thought this would liven up the room.
So I sprayed the chairs, and voila color. So glad I did this.
I think I will try to find a stencil to paint a B on the top of the table in the same color paint.
Right now I am excited to add a pop of color.
I am sure I will find more things to paint tomorrow, but for tonight I am done. :)


Eleanor said...

I love how beautifully you decorate your home. These chairs add a nice pop of color!

Katie said...

Wow! Thank you!