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Friday, September 6, 2013


We have a room to the side of our great room that we use for the kids to keep all their toys in.
It is nice to be able to see them play from the kitchen or family room.
I am always rearranging the room, but this is what it looks like in it's current state.
 I got the curtains from Target a year or two ago. The bunting I made from scraps of fabric that I had left over from my teepee project.
The cow skulls came from a store on Etsy called the Shabby Shack.
 I purchased the giraffe from ZGallerie a few years back for my son's nursery. It is made by Melissa and Doug, and takes a licking from the kids! They love it.
The number cube baskets are from the Land of Nod. They keep things cute and organized.
The bench is from Ikea called the Expedit. I made the cushion and put legs on it to give it some height, and allow the vent underneath to not be blocked.
 I keep pictures and other momentoes on a window frame that has chicken wire on the back. It is a great way to display tiny pieces, and not look cluttered.

 The bookcases were given to me by a friend of my sister's. I painted them white, and added brass label holders I found on I put pictures of what was in the drawer because my kids can't read yet.

 Here are the bookcases before.
Forgot to add the play kitchen. Juju loves to cook while I cook. It's very cute.


Eleanor said...

Please come decorate our playroom! It's in a current state of disarray! I love that your blogging! I wish that I had more friends that did:)

spowers713 said...

Wow Katie! This is awesome! I wish we had space for a playroom. Great job!

Katie said...

Thank you! I decided I should give this "blogging" a try! I want to try to document our lives more, so we can look back and remember!

Eleanor said...

*you're :)